About five years ago Sustainable Harvest® created Experimentos en Cafe to explore out-of-the-box ideas in specialty coffee to improve wet and dry processing, transport, roasting, and more. Historically there has been an asymmetry of information available to coffee producers—especially smallholder producers—in commodity supply chains around new technologies and quality-related innovations; unfortunately it seems farmers are often the last to learn about new techniques. Experimentos works to even the playing field between all links in the supply chain, disseminating knowledge through projects and events that bring the global coffee community together to engage with innovative approaches to specialty coffee.


Sustainable Harvest® is a specialty coffee importer that uses the Relationship Coffee Model to bring partners together in a sustainable supply chain that serves everyone involved—from the farmer to the final coffee consumer. Our approach builds direct, transparent market linkages for coffee growers while investing in training and management systems to improve their ability to produce high-quality coffee. Click here to learn more about Sustainable Harvest®.